Your home is a haven, a culmination of your hard work and an investment in your future. As the place where you build your family, spend time together, experience special moments, host special occasions and kick off your shoes after a long day, it should be something you’re proud to call yours. Part of investing in and appreciating the home you own is enjoying its aesthetic and styling your interior to suit your personality and tastes.

When it comes to your home design, picking the perfect flooring is essential to set the mood for each room, accent your décor and furniture, offset your furniture and provide long-lasting functionality and durability. That’s why so many home-owners choose laminate floors for the strength, longevity and aesthetic they love. With “Danny’s Flooring”  beautiful variety of laminate flooring in multiple materials, you’re sure to find the floor that fits your home and vision.

What Is Laminate Flooring?

Favored by home-owners and design-lovers for their extreme durability and fantastic stain-resistance, laminate floors are synthetic composites made of four layers of materials fused into an incredibly hard surface. Designed to resemble wood, tile and other flooring materials, laminate is much harder and more resistant to wear and tear, fading, staining and moisture. The four layers of all laminate floors are:

Back Layer:

Providing moisture resistance and structural stability, the back layer of the flooring includes melamine reinforcement to keep the base sturdy.

Fiberboard Core:

Providing both stability reinforcement and impact resistance with a solid coreboard center, the fiberboard core layer also includes an edge sealing treatment for further stability and durability in the structure.

Decorative Layer:

The signature layer in laminate flooring, the decorative layer provides the floor’s beauty and iconic appearance with the addition of an in-depth, detailed photo to make the flooring look like wood, tile, ceramic or another material.

Great for you

When you’re looking for the best place to find laminate floors to fit your home, there’s no better source than “Danny’s Flooring”. We offer a broad, stunning selection of choices with a unique, at-home shopping experience.

We’ll help you decide on your ideal flooring by bringing our samples straight to your home and letting you consider them in the exact room where you plan to install them. When you’ve made your final choice, we’ll take care of your installation with expert care — all in one day.

When it comes to choosing the flooring that fits your home best, “Danny’s Flooring”  has the variety, quality and expertise you need. Plus, we offer the comfort and convenience of shopping in your own home. Make an appointment for your free consultation today to get started revitalizing your home.